The factor that acts as a hurdle for most in chasing their dream is a lack of self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence is not the problem of one or two individual but more than 50% of population undergoes fear and anxiety in performing several tasks due to lack of self-confidence. Mostly at the time of public speaking or group talks, most of them prefer remaining silent than delivering out their thoughts or views. So the first question you probably have is how to raise self-confidence?

self confidence

Raising self-confidence doesn’t mean that you get rid of your fears; rather it means that you learn the way to subsides your fear and get victory over it. So here are 8 ways to raise self-confidence that can turn out to be helpful for everyone.


Flush the negative thought and build space for positivity in your brain. Sometimes even though you look good but due to lack of self-confidence you tend to feel uncomfortable in a group. Likewise, though you have prepared a good speech for public speaking due to the fear of facing people your confidence gets lowered and all your hard-word goes in vain. So to avoid this situation, you need to first build positive thoughts in your brain. Once you do this, even in difficult situation you will remain strong, motivated and determined. Negative thoughts are like an infection to the brain that slowly lowers the confidence and keeps you isolated. So, try looking the positive side of every situation and success will be on your way.


Not every time only big achievements provide happiness; rather small success also provides satisfaction and happiness. Also, small success helps to raise self-confidence. It is also said that with small success comes gives achievements.


Keep doing something or the other. Always remain active and work on your creativity. Sooner or later you will get success. So even though what other people say, just remain focused and don’t let negative though occupy your mind.


Speaking is another skill that shows your confidence and positive attitude. So whenever you speak make sure that the words are clear and audible. So, you need to go slow while conveying any information. Don’t speed up because speaking fast and unclearly shows fearfulness and anxiety.


Sadness and smile are two facile gestures that reflect what is going on you. If you are tensed or worried that gets reflected in your face likewise if you are confident you will wear a smile on your face. So, even if you are a scared dog from inside act like a bold and courageous tiger from outside, this will automatically boost up your self-confidence in any task that you perform.


Many times, due to lowered self-confidence you may not be able to give 100% in the task due to which some people may provide negative feedback. But don’t let this lower your confidence rather take it as a challenge and work on it to prove your skill. Be polite even to those people who provide negative feedback because it’s ok to commit mistakes and you learn from the mistakes only.


Sometimes it becomes important to bring some changes on how you look. Grooming and changing your getup brings confidence in your work and develops a positive attitude. It is well said that you need to adapt changes depending on the present situation. So, if you want to raise self-confidence, bringing some changes in your look can really be helpful.


Sometimes you are asked to participate in those things that you completely dislike. You might be asked to do things that are out of your comfort zone. So, it is important that you discover your likes, creativity and interest. Once you do this, you will be able to take the task that you like and put 100% dedication to it. Most importantly when the work is of your interest, your self-confidence will bloom up and you are able to perform even the complicated work.

These are 8 ways to raise self-confidence so that you can conquer the world with your innovation, hard-work and creativity.

Summary: Is your self-confidence lowered? Is this the hurdle for your achievements? Read these 10 ways to raise self-confidence and apply it to feel the positive changes inside you.

Article source:- https://stevejohnsonn.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/10-ways-to-raise-self-confidence/


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